And finally…is the nail in the coffin yet ? 🙂

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Teo Ho Pin’s latest public statement regarding the sale of the town council computer system to Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM) is far from convincing. If anything, it lends even more weight to suspicions that it was improperly decided and executed.

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Here’s part 3….

Yawning Bread


The above tender notice appeared in the Straits Times on 30 June 2010. (Thanks to a reader who did the sleuthing, who, I believe, would prefer to remain anonymous). You can click on it for a bigger version, but for your convenience, here is the text:

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Part 2 of the saga

Yawning Bread

pic_201212_18I am glad my instincts count for something. When I wrote in Part 1 that “the story about town council computer and financial systems is not getting as much traction as I think it deserves”, I had only a vague feeling that a possible scandal lies there. But after seeing the obfuscatory statements by Teo Ho Pin, I became even more concerned.

There are plenty of questions; even more now after his statement and after I looked at a few town council financial reports. But I have to be realistic. Getting full disclosure from this government is going to be like pulling teeth. We may not succeed, but I hope it causes them excruciating pain, so they learn never to take citizens for fools again.

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